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Besta RoofFix ; Plug seep paint

Solve all prolems ; Cracking on roof

Sunshine, rain, wind are a major factors caused destroyed, ruined to your house. Cracking problem in each parts of your house/ building will caused that cracking become bigger and bigger if do not solve it suddenly and it will effect to house/building structure finally. If the fix material does not has good quality, the cracking will occur again.

Don’t worry about cracking problem when using Besta RoofFix ; new product from Besta made of Acrylic Super Flex which is a special formula for repairing cracking on roof, deck, corridor and awning. Besta RoofFix can fix and hold a cracking or chasm which has width to 5 cm. It’s good for most of materials such as tile, concrete, zinc, ceramic, aluminum and all metal and also endure to all weathers.

Special Qualification of Besta RoofFix ; Plug seep paint

  • Made of Acrylic water formula, without pungent smell, safety and easy to use
  • High efficiency to hold most of the surface such as roof tile, deck concrete and zinc
  • High elasticity ; best for covering cracki
  • Compatible for both vertical and horizontal area
  • Endure to all weather conditions ; sunshine, moisture, rain and sea vapor
  • Can re-paint to have similar to original surface color
  • Can use for all cracking on wall
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