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Besta WallFix Plug cracking paint

Cracking on the wall that caused by the time passed, sunshine, moisture or sea vapor is not only destroy the beautiful of your house/building, but also destroy structure of house/building. To fix/plug the cracking, need to select the product which made of high elasticity material for holding perfectly and prevent the cracking occur again. Besta is a forefront manufacturer and produce Besta WallFix to plug cracking perfectly.

Besta WallFix is the plug material made of high quality Acrylic Superflex. Able to plug the cracking on wall, fence concrete, cracking on door frame and window frame. Moreover, because it’s made of Acrylic water formula, there is no pungent small. So, it’s safe for user and habitant. Besta WalFix tightly hold the surface, endure to all weather conditions, long lasting durable for ……… years.

Special qualification of Besta WallFix

  • Made of Acrylic water formula, without pungent smell, safety to user and habitant 
  • High elasticity and endure to sunshine, rain and sea vapor. So, make sure the cracking will not occur again
  • Able to plug the cracking which has width to …. cm and depth to ….. cm.
  • Easy to use, Best for vertical repair
  • Paint will not go down into the cracking after used
  • Can re-paint and decorate surface by sand paper
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