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Besta Clean and Write

Besta Clean & Write , new innovation in painting, can write and easy clean

“Besta Clean & Right” is a produce which can change room wall to be writing area that do not worry about cleaning wall. It’s a first time for progress of painting which can use for writing. Besta Clean & Write used high technology in production process from the success in developing polyurethane system. This is the 1st paint and only one paint which has high quality than other paint and easy clean.

Write is suitable for ….

Besta Clean & Write is suitable for …. The wall that want to change the useful to write and draw purpose or the wall that need easily cleaning Besta Clean & Write is suitable for
  • Office , meeting room. The wall that paint with Besta Clean & Write can use for whiteboard and projector screen efficiently.
  • Academe institute such as kinder garden use for practice skill and imagine of children by writing & drawing & paining.
  • Hospital, lab room and classroom in high school and university also did.
  • The wall of operation room, patient room that paint with Besta Clean & Write can clean by using Sterilizing or using alcohol to clean easily without destroy the film surface
  • The area which dirty all the time such as kitchen wall dirt by plant oil or food. Garage wall dirt by petrol or lubricant oil. Using for paint concrete, tile, and other surfaces
Special qualification of Besta Clean & Write

Besta Clean & Write, new innovation of modern paint which is better than general paint because consider to operation and wall maintenance. Besta Clean & Write has developed to has the following qualification;
  • Writable, Besta Clean & Write can change wall to be whiteboard. Can write on wall with whiteboard chemical pen, color pencil or crayon
  • Erase writing easily even write for over a month
  • Easy to clean dust, mud, lubricant oil, lipstick, tea-coffee, etc.
  • Clean with chemical solvent without destroy film surface. Besta Clean & Write endure with floor cleaning, detergent, wash cleaning, alcohol, lubricant oil, chemical solvent or thinner
  • Prevent and protect fungus and bacteria born efficiently, safety, no impact to habitant and pet.
  • Without component of heavy metal, toxic. So, it’s save to environment and no danger to user
  • Passed standard of EN71 (Europe) and ASTM F963-03 (USA) which is the same standard as color of toy product. So, make sure the high standard of safety
  • Besta Clean & Write has beautiful film, strong and endure, no fading after wipe
  • Workable with all surfaces such as cement wall, wood or tile
  • Has both interior and exterior paint and both shiny and semi-shiny paint type
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